Drones in Search & Rescue/Humanitarian Disasters

Drones in Search & Rescue/Humanitarian Disasters

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Search & Rescue, (SAR), missions are often top priority in the event of a natural disaster. Conducting an efficient & swift SAR operation can be the difference between fatalities and lives saved.

Deploying a manned disaster response aircraft is a huge financial cost and takes a good chunk of time to do. Disaster response drones, (such as our Q200 SAR Spec), can be deployed almost immediately at a fraction of the cost. This means aerial reconnaissance can be conducted almost immediately to pinpoint the area of interest, create a rescue mission plan, and assess the threat level of an area before sending in relief workers to perform the rescue.

The area covered with a SAR drone also adds to the narrative of it being an invaluable asset in search & rescue operations. SAR operations conducted just on foot are time-consuming and potentially dangerous without the correct mission information. This is where drones come in. At a moment’s notice, a drone can be sent up and a huge area of land can be assessed in a small amount of time. This makes drones a critical part of a disaster relief team’s arsenal.

SAR drones can also be fitted with various payloads to assist in search & rescue operations. Depending on payload, drones can be fitted with thermal imaging cameras allowing the SAR team to pinpoint heat signatures within tricky terrain. This means SAR can locate the point of interest quicker than what would be possible with the naked eye/conventional camera.

Mapping of the SAR/Disaster Area:

As well as a drone being a useful asset for rescue during a disaster. They can also be utilised to create a 3D map of the disaster area, post-event. Creating a high detailed map of the disaster site post-event, can improve planning for potential crisis events occurring in the future. The resulting data are typically much higher in resolution than what’s achievable through satellite imaging as well.

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