Drones, (UAVs), are making waves in the agricultural industry providing smart farming solutions that use real-time data gathering and processing to improve farm-wide decision-making, This works to free up time and money needed elsewhere within the farm business, thus maximising efficiency.

With the pressures of the modern world heavy on the shoulders of the farming industry worldwide, the increase in populations, extreme weather events and climate change means that contemporary strategies need to be implemented to increase productivity. A rugged and reliable drone solution can have a massive impact on overall site yield.

Fortunately, modern drone technology offers the potential to alleviate some of the burdens of growing crops in the most efficient, safe and cost effective way. A UAVs aim is to create a safe and efficient farming system. 

What are Drones used for in Farming/Agriculture?

Surveying & Mapping: This is the process of mapping out and measuring the characteristics of the site. This includes the position, height, size and boundary of farmland. This assists the farm operator in site planning and determine the area and hectarage of each section of land.

Crop Health Monitoring: Flying a drone over crops, and viewing the aerial view of the harvest gives detailed information on soil variety, pests, and fungal infestations. Crop images, collected by the drone’s specialised cameras can be converted into usable data monitoring crop health.

Disease Detection: Plants that reflect various quantities of green light and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) light can be identified by agricultural drones. This information is used to create multispectral images that can be used to track crop health. Crops can be saved if they are monitored closely and any faults are discovered quickly. In the event of crop failure, the farmer can document the losses in order to file proper insurance claims.

Reduced Visual Inspection Time: Performing visual inspections on farm livestock takes a huge amount of time. These times can be cut dramatically with the use of a UAV solution. Thermal Imaging technology can be used to evaluate the health of livestock by highlighting any heat points which are synonymous with disease.

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